Throne of Power and Fire Ministries received Gods mandate in the mist of our (Nigeria) Niger Delta’s restive period to immediately go into the ministry of burden bearing. In our quick response to this mandate, this Intercessory Prayer group JESUS FRIENDS was given birth to. The group in her birth was solely mandated to aggressively pray for the return of PEACE to Niger Delta and Nigeria in general.
The lord later charged the group with the following responsibilities:
– to intercede for churches,
– to intercede for Ministers of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,
– to pray for Nations (Nigeria)
– to also look at troubled areas in prayer,
– to pray generally for world peace,
– to stand firm in prayer for the effectual spread of the word of God mostly to nations that have not heard or received the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On this mandate, the good LORD has been our strength.