The aims and objectives of the MINISTRY shall be to:

1 To preach the Gospel of peace, Love and Deliverance of our Lord Jesus Christ in all parts of Nigeria and around the world.

2 To serve as a fore-runner of the Second coming of our Lord Jesus by creating awareness of His coming.

3 To establish Ministry wherever converts are made so that they can be taught the Holy Scripture unto maturity.

4 To establish schools of Ministry for training Minister of the Gospel and the church workers within and outside the country.

5 To engage in social work, community development and child welfare programmes and other similar activities.

6 To teach the Body of Christ the undiluted word of God.

7 To do all things whatsoever necessary or convenient in carrying out the work of the Ministry in the furtherance of the purpose of which the Ministry is formed

8 To receive materials and equipment from local and International Bodies in furtherance of the above.